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AkkuFresh® is packaged in a convenient and compact vinyl sleeve. Alternatively, in special cases, a clamshell and an insert card may be included on request.

For special orders (100,000+), Kent Holdings Ltd. can offer customized products and packaging to display your company logo on the surface of the foil or on the packaging or your personal design and colors to fit any client's special requirements and to promote their brand name.

Upon request, we can offer a separate insert to support local language and additional information. English is the original language of the packaging.

We personalize the product and the package for better fitting for local market requests:

Local language packaging
Local partner information


Dimensions and weights

Package of the product:

One pc (L x W x H): L: 8.6cm x W: 2mm x H: 13.9cm
Gross weight of one pc: 11.7gram
Counter display box (L x W x H): 8,87cm x 8,87cm x 14,2cm
Net weight of counter display box: 34.7gram
One counter display box = 50 pcs or 100 pcs (depends on the requirements of the Distributor)
Gross weight of one counter display box: 616 gram (50 pcs) or 1’142gram (100 pcs)

Export box:

12 counter display box = 600 pcs or 1200 pcs in export carton (depends on the requirements of the Distributor)
Inner dimensions of the box (L x W x H): 37cm x 28cm x 16cm Outside dimensions of the box (L x W x H): 38,6cm x 29,6cm x 17,6cm
Net weight: 0,57 kg
Gross weight: 8 kg (600 pcs) or 9,1 kg (1200 pcs)