Detailed test

NOTE: AkkuFresh® Next Generation™ is not designed to extend the battery life of a new battery. It can, however, be used on new batteries to maintain it at its new and optimal performance level.

AkkuFresh® regenerates the battery and helps to recover the original performance, keeps the maximum capacity, reduces the charging time, and extends its lifespan. To avoid the placebo effect, we recommend using a spare mobile device during the test period. This will give you the best test results and provide an accurate measurement. The device used should not be your daily mobile phone or tablet. Also, please try and maintain the environmental conditions in the test period for more accurate results. 

1. Make a note of the original performance of your device (standby time). We suggest that you use this standby time throughout the test for accurate results.

2. Completely charge your battery and make a note by filling in the date and time.

3. Leave the battery and fill in the date and time it completely loses power on the Test-Sheet.

4. Now, fit the AkkuFresh® foil to the battery. It must cover 80% of the biggest side of the battery. Use more pieces of AkkuFresh® if you are using larger batteries for the test.

5. Fill in the time and date the AkkuFresh® was applied.

6. Leave the AkkuFresh® on your battery and recharge it completely.

7. Now note the date and time your last recharge was completed.

8. Once charged, unplug the battery and note the date and time it loses power.

9. Sign the Test-Sheet.

10. We would like to ask for your help so please send the test sheet to us via e-mail (itest@akkufresh.com). We are looking for a more happy customer who is using our product so we can build an excellent collection of testimonials and success stories.  

11. Use AkkuFresh®, the nano-tech battery life foil that maximizes your battery!