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AkkuFresh® is manufactured from ionXtra-Power®, an exclusively developed and continuously improved upon nano-ceramic material. The foil is made by applying the 2µ thin nano-ceramic material into a layer through nano-technology. The solution has been designed and created for mobile devices that are notorious for their high power usage. With AkkuFresh® Next Generation™, you can rest assured that the high energy consumption demands of high-definition mobile displays, browsing the internet, taking photos and videos and making phone calls are taken care of.

AkkuFresh® Next Generation™ answers the growing battery life demands of mobile devices in the connected world. Although this product is most suited to old and worn batteries, both old and new rechargeable Li-ion and Li-polymer batteries can benefit from AkkuFresh® so you can experience the benefits even on your new devices.

The foil and the material are designed to:

  • Absorb, modify and reflect the electromagnetic field (EMF), generated by the battery.
  • Generate a flow of negative-ions.
  • Interact with the internal electrolyte and ions of the battery through it's case.

How to understand AkkuFresh® Next Generation™ foil

According to the operating principles of the microwave oven, high-frequency (2.45 gigahertz) electromagnetic waves of energy are transferred to the food molecules during operation, thereby increasing their thermal motion.

In many molecules (such as water molecules), one part of the molecule is positive, and the other is negatively charged. As they come into contact with the charge-varying electric field, the molecules of food are trying to reach the appropriately charged particle. This particle motion generates heat as the moving particles collide. All particles vibrate at some level of frequency, including the crystals that build up on Li-ion or Lithium-polymer battery separators that are created by charging or discharging the battery.

The AkkuFresh® Next Generation™ foil acts as a frequency modulator. Frequency of the electro-magnetic field in the cell is reflected back to it at a higher frequency at which the crystal particles vibrate. This process of bio-resonance causes the crystals to burst, meaning that the battery regenerates itself to its original capacity and the flow of negative-ions naturally increases. The lithium-ions within the battery are also in motion, which increases the tension as well, resulting in an improved voltage.



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