AkkuFresh® Next Generation™

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AkkuFresh® Next Generation™

One of the biggest challenges in the connected world is overcoming the very limited battery life provided by smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. But with AkkuFresh® Next Generation™, the answer is at hand.

Consisting of a small piece of nanotech foil that can be applied in seconds, AkkuFresh® Next Generation™ not only shortens the charging time of your mobile devices, but it also slows down how quickly your battery discharges and restores worn or deteriorated batteries.

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Akkufresh® Next Generation usage


  • Improves the charging capabilities of your mobile device.
  • Lets you talk longer on your smartphone and provides additional stand-by time.
  • Reduces the time it takes to fully charge your device.
  • Enhances your old battery by restoring it to its original performance.
  • Eliminates further deterioration of your battery.
  • Provides you with a Green solution by prolonging your battery lifespan and reducing the time spent to charge it.
  • Protects your battery from current fluctuations.
  • Can be installed in seconds.
  • Saves you money by delaying the buying of new batteries.

Millions sold globally

AkkuFresh® Next Generation™ was distributed on six continents through its global network of authorized retailers, GSM service provider partnerships, and mobile shops. More than 3.5 million AkkuFresh® Next Generation™ units have already been sold worldwide. The top Korean online shopping store, G Market, has named it as one of its ‘Top Five Most Popular Devices’ for 2014.

Now, the major direction is distributing of AkkuFresh® Next Generation™ units through the AkkuFresh® Promoter Club (APC).

Did you know?

In excess of 15-billion batteries are thrown away each year. AkkuFresh® Next Generation™ can extend the lifespan of a battery by up to three times, resulting in a more environmentally-friendly market.

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The Product

  • AkkuFresh® Next Generation enhances the charging ability of your mobile electronic device.
  • Provides you with more talk time and longer standby time with your smartphone.
  • Shortens your charging time and reduces the charging frequency, which saves on power.
  • Revitalizes your worn-out or deteriorated batteries by restoring them to their original performance.
  • Blocks further battery deterioration.
  • Increases the total lifespan of your battery.
  • Eliminates the battery "memory” effect (only on Ni-CD batteries).
  • Protects your battery from electrical variations by regulating and filtering the current.
  • Easy to use and can be installed in seconds.
  • Saves you money by making your battery last longer.

AkkuFresh® Next Generation™ is based on ionXtra-Power® technology, and exclusively developed nano-ceramic material that is the result of more than ten years of laboratory research.

AkkuFresh® Next Generation™ is the perfect companion to the modern mobile device that caters for all your connectivity requirements whether it is social media updates, high-definition photography, mobile gaming, or browsing the internet.

In addition, the foil works on old and new rechargeable batteries. It slows down the capacity loss of your Li-ion and Li-polymer cells, thereby improving the battery performance.

AkkuFresh® Next Generation™

AkkuFresh® Next Generation™ not only improves the time it takes for the battery of your mobile device to recharge but it also helps to maintain optimal battery life. The innovative technology solution regenerates any of your worn-out or deteriorated batteries.

It absorbs all sources of energy, including the electromagnetic field (EMF) energy and transforms them naturally into negative ions and long-wave infrared rays as absorbable energy form for the battery. The newly generated AkkuFresh® negative ions will penetrate into the battery and create a higher frequency, causing the build-up of crystals to resonate and burst. This enables the battery to regain its initial capacity and enhance the flow of negative ions. In addition, it lets the lithium-ions resonate, providing an increase in voltage.

AkkuFresh® Next Generation™ is a small rectangular shaped foil (1.14-inch x 1.97-inch / 29mm x 50mm size, and 0.005-inch / 0.125mm thin) that can be quickly and easily attached to your device or the battery itself.


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